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About MXDK Style

MXDK Yamaha Academy

( 2014 Dates- Curriculum - Registration )


Unlock your true potential at a MXDK Academy Motocross or Trail training school near you.

If you want to be able to ride faster and safer, have more confidence in any racing situation. Get the most out of your training and riding and tune your mind to a positive winning attitude the MXDK Academy school for Champions is for you.

Darryll has combined 10 years of World 500cc Grand Prix experience with his own unique mind skills to create a training school that develops all the skills needed to ensure top class athletes. MX DK Schools cater for all ages and abilities, from top level motocross riders to junior and off road riders. Darryll's schools can be tailor made to suit your riding ability and what you want to achieve.

 The classes are designed so that you will receive plenty of one to one personal attention through the day and great value for money. The schools will have no more than 20 riders per class and each rider will receive a personal workbook and Merchandise from MXDK Academy sponsors.

Safer, faster and ride with more confidence.

" My mission is to have every rider feel like they can go around the track faster while using less energy and feeling safer. Safety is a big part of our sport and knowing where to look and what to look out for are the first steps to helping you enjoy this awesome sport even more" Says Darryll

Some quotes from recent riders:

Taylor Jones RMZ 250 " Awesome DK, the Pukekohe track has never been one of my favourties. You showed me how to brake later and also how to ride with that perfect style, I have always ridden with my arms down and when you explained about using the legs to work the bike it became so much easier"

Peter Gossler- YZ 250 " I was impressed with how much one on one training I received. My speed on the track improved quickly after I was showen the correct way to pick lines and the perfect technique"

Jacob Cummings-YZ125 " I never really knew what to expect from the MXDK Style school, but within the first hour I had learnt more than the past 6 months"

Bradley Jefferson- YZ85R " The MXDK Style school was cool, DK showed us the right way to go fast around the track and through the muddy ruts. My riding has improved and I am having more fun"

Hayley Tuffin- Son Daniel  " I would like to thank you for a great day on Saturday, Daniel really enjoyed it and learnt a lot (so did I).  I have showed my partner the video and he also thought it looked like a great day.

Other MXDK Style sponsors include:
Yamaha, Yamalube, Alpinestar Protection gear, Pirelli Tyres, Arai Helmets
100% goggles, Alpinestar boots, Pro Circuit, EBC Brake pads, Tsubaki chains, DT1 Filters, DVS Shoes,
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